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Show 96 is planned for October 18th, 4pm Pacific US, 7pm Eastern US.

Show 97 is planned for November 8th, 4pm Pacific US, 7pm Eastern US.

Show 98 is planned for November 29th, 4pm Pacific US, 7pm Eastern US.

Show 99 is planned for December 13th, 4pm Pacific US, 7pm Eastern US.

Show 100 will be recorded January 17th, 10am Pacific, 1pm Eastern US. Break around 2pm Pacific, 5pm Eastern US. Resume 4pm Pacific US, 7pm Eastern US.
To Participate: The show is recorded on Skype. Please download Skype, check out the Participate page and add tom.barbalet on Skype.

Call Tom on Skype during the show time and he will add you to the call.

Model Rail Radio consistently provides the best model railroading content. It is a show without advertisers or sponsors where the listeners create the content. A simple formula that has seen the show grow rapidly into the Number One model rail podcast in terms of listeners (156,000+ and rising), hours of content produced per month (9 hours plus) and numbers of guests on the show (typically 14 or more).

It is an open format where anyone can participate. The big names in model railroading call in to talk to regular folks and people who are quickly emerging as new greats in the hobby.

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Model railroading legend Dave Frary calls in to chat periodically.

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Vote in the Bertie Awards 2014!

Shelf Layout Design Contest 2014

The only requirement is the layout be no bigger than 72 inches by 24 inches (fully assembled including cassettes, traversers and sector plates). They can be smaller than this. The track plans can be in any scale. Track plans can be submitted with backstory if required. The track plans should have some operational interest. There is no height limit on the layout.

Depending on the entries between twelve to twenty layouts will be selected to be in the first Model Rail Radio Shelf Layout Annual. Each entry that appears in print will receive a printed copy of the Annual and a $20 gift certificate. A winning layout will be selected and the creator will receive a $40 gift certificate.

All entries should be emailed to tom at modelrailradio dot com by 11pm Pacific, October 31st, 2014.

Model Rail Radio #95: Brakeman Oppenheimer [October 4, 2014]

Jim Walsh has been devoting his model railroading time to the NMRA. Bruce DeYoung has been working with Jim's local NMRA division too and introduces his model rail interests that includes narrow-gauge PA. Dave Barraza has built a layout in an artist's studio soon to be moved to a house. George Sinos found a local engineer from his layout. Robin Talukdar is building two layouts and Roger Chrysler has some prototype assistive information. Chris Abbott has an update based on his local wandering. Murray Scholz has been adding locomotives to his roster. Stephen Arnold is moving to the Bay Area. Matt Goodman provides a belated National update and Tom asks about an old topic. Jim Gore talks about the characters on his layout and the MMR program. Ron Newby is still away from his layout but he'll be home soon. Toni Ryan is the glue of the show. Jim Gifford has been exploring electronic component of yesteryear. Tom provides a house update. Tom revives the Chris Abbott layout intervention (with some assistance from Mr. Kooning). [Editorial note: Show 100 will be recorded January 17th, 10am Pacific, 1pm Eastern US. Break around 2pm Pacific, 5pm Eastern US. Resume 4pm Pacific US, 7pm Eastern US.]

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   Jim Walsh
   Jim Gore
   Bruce DeYoung
   Dave Barraza
   George Sinos
   Robin Talukdar
   Roger Chrysler
   Chris Abbott
   Murray Scholz
   Stephen Arnold
   Matt Goodman
   Ron Newby
   Toni Ryan
   Jim Gifford
   Clark Kooning
   Tom Barbalet

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   [ MP3 ] Length: 3:02:37

Model Rail Radio #94: Strang of Green Gables [September 6, 2014]

Norm Wolf talks about the Mid-Atlantic RPM Meet and his new layout. Bernie Kempinski talks about what killed Marty and his new layout book. Joe D'Amato introduces his job and his model railroading interests. Bruce Kelly is a railroading polymath. Bernie breaks in to provide some code information. Chip Anderson created a game for his module group. Terry Terrance describes the P48 layout he worked on for the National and now Tom has seen the layout they talk more about the track plan. Just when Clark Kooning thought he was out, they pulled him back in. Barry Silverthorn has a layout update and the usual discussion associated with what he will be filming next. Marty McGuirk is in a construction mode. Chris Mears lives somewhere familiar to Australian women who want to get engaged. James and Mrs. Rindt provide some fireside updates. Tom and Lionel chat about the Modeler's Life podcast and starting a podcast. Jim Gifford has renewed his passport and is looking to travel to the NMRA National 2015. Jeff Shockley is living through his club. Mike Slater looks back at what the show has meant to him. Tom needs more entries for the Shelf Layout Design contest.

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   Norm Wolf
   Bernie Kempinski
   Joe D'Amato
   Bruce Kelly
   Chip Anderson
   Terry Terrance
   Clark Kooning
   Barry Silverthorn
   Peter Burr
   Marty McGuirk
   Chris Mears
   Lionel Strang
   James and Mrs. Rindt
   Jim Gifford
   Jeff Shockley
   Mike Slater
   Tom Barbalet

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   [ MP3 ] Length: 3:40:35

Model Rail Radio #93: Three Large Signals [August 2, 2014]

New caller Glenn Draper wants to know more about DCC and it just so happens Lionel Strang is on the call to help out. Mark Gurries talks more about DCC. Ron and Rachel Klaiss call in to provide a father/daughter diorama building update. Chris Adams is modeling Connecticut. Ron Pare introduces his Facebook modeling group. Ben provides a rail fanning and rail museum update. Mike Slater and Ben rap on collecting items from real railroads. Terry Terrance has many model railroading updates including helping building a P48 layout. Jim Gore, Lionel and Mike gives an update about the NMRA National show. Clark has been recognized by the NMRA. Bruce Wilson has a modeling update. Dave Ramos has been building grain cars. Dave Falkenburg and Will Merrell have the chance to chat about how to do N modules at shows without the typical headaches. Tom launches the Berties this year. Please submit your nominations now. Tom and Marshall Stull rap on the Shelf Layout Design contest. Marshall also went to the National. Sven Frank has been putting together his large scale layout. Tom Wilson has been working on his layout and started a larger version of the hobby too.

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   Glenn Draper
   Lionel Strang
   Mark Gurries
   Ron Klaiss
   Rachel Klaiss
   Chris Adams
   Ron Pare
   Clark Kooning
   Ben "Mikado Otter"
   Mike Slater
   Terry Terrance
   Jim Gore
   Bruce Wilson
   Dave Ramos
   Dave Falkenburg
   Will Merrell
   Marshall Stull
   Sven Frank
   Tom Wilson
   Tom Barbalet

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   [ MP3 ] Length: 3:15:20

Model Rail Radio #92: I'd Use the Dogs [July 12, 2014]

Georgie Li kicks off the show with a troubled tale about restoring a historic station. Mike Slater and Ted Picraux give their feedback to Georgie. Ted gives an update. Fred has a number of updates from the Illinois Rail Museum. Andy Dixson is laying track and applying scenery to the kingdom of wood. Jimmy Low has been working on his layout and running trains with his junior apprentice train driver. Mike Slater will be meeting Lionel Strang at the National Train Show. Barry Silverthorn outlines his plans for the National too. Toni Ryan has been modeling through the show. Peter Stempel has seen the kingdom of wood and the UK too. Mike Deverell has been putting up YouTube clips of his layout's progress. Dave Falkenburg has been posting teasers. Bruce Wilson has a new kitten and a coffee-pot-mod plan.

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   Georgie Li
   Mike Slater
   Ted Picraux
   Fred Van Dorpe
   Andy Dixson
   Jimmy Low
   Barry Silverthorn
   Toni Ryan
   Peter Stempel
   Mike Deverell
   Dave Falkenburg
   Bruce Wilson
   Tom Barbalet

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   [ MP3 ] Length: 2:34:12