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No. 122 - July 2, 2016, 5-7pm Pacific US, 8-10pm Eastern US

Model Rail Radio consistently provides the best model railroading content. It is a show without advertisers or sponsors where the listeners create the content. It is an open format where anyone can participate. The big names in model railroading call in to talk to regular folks and people who are quickly emerging as new greats in the hobby.

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Model Rail Radio #120: Old Media Meets New Media [April 30, 2016]

Peter Borcherds has been working on a yard and some early computer control on his layout. Bruce Kelly provide a multifaceted update including a fascinating account of working at Campbell's kits. Simon Hill introduces what Tom is going to see south of London and talks about the parts that have arrived from the US. Eric Ruthenberg gives an update on his Chicago layout. Martin Coombs provides updates prior to Tom's trip. Marty McGuirk has been emulating artwork of the 1960s and working on a cannery with a familiar name (but no relation). David Rees provides an update on Blue Rail Trains. Tom Gasior brings the example of the two NMRA Facebook pages. Mike Deverell provides a lightning update featuring backdrops, RFID and shout outs. James Wright has been working with the folks at Model Railroader magazine. Mike Slater makes a last minute cameo.

   Peter Borcherds
   Bruce Kelly
   Simon Hill
   Eric Ruthenberg
   Martin Coombs
   Marty McGuirk
   David Rees
   Tom Gasior
   Mike Deverell
   James Wright
   Mike Slater
   Tom Barbalet

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   [ MP3 ] Length: 1:54:03

Model Rail Radio #119: Australian Narrow-Gauge Convention 2016 [April 2, 2016]

Mike O'Dorney kicks off the show with good audio talking about a local group of friends who do a round-robin. Wayne Mollohan introduces his model railroading interests and they are extensive. Andy Dorsch is returning to the hobby and restarting his interest with some hand-laid track and turn-outs with a mine module. By chance our local mine expert, John Garaty, is on the line to answer questions and raise questions. Malcolm Johnson provides an update on his ever changing layout and they chat about the NMRA. John Garaty make some sense of it all. Bruce DeYoung has been attacking (finishing?) sections of his home layout and provides a number of pros of the NMRA. Jeff Dombrowski provides an update on the North Metro Model Rail Club in Minneapolis, MN. [Editorial Note: I've taken an artistic license on April Fools Day somewhere here.]

   Mike O'Dorney
   Wayne Mollohan
   Andy Dorsch
   John Garaty
   Malcolm Johnson
   Bruce DeYoung
   Jeff Dombrowski
   Tom Barbalet

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   [ MP3 ] Length: 2:04:28

Model Rail Radio #118: Formerly Teetotal [March 5, 2016]

Ben 'Mikado Otter' provides a number of updates. Mark Clemmens calls in and chats about the experience in Astoria versus Ben's experience with the Illinois Rail Museum. Mike Slater has much to add to the topic too. Mike Slater provides a Lionel update. Ralph Renzetti is going to be near greatness shortly. Ken Marshall is restarting his hobby interest. Richard 'Murf' Murphy had a YouTube celebrity guest stay overnight and working through issues at Silicon Valley Lines. Jamie Fenton and Jennifer Stanberry provide a group update. Seth Gartner has had enough with hot CFLs.

   Ben 'Mikado Otter'
   Mark Clemmens
   Mike Slater
   Ralph Renzetti
   Ken Marshall
   Richard 'Murf' Murphy
   Jamie Fenton
   Jennifer Stanberry
   Seth Gartner
   Tom Barbalet

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   [ MP3 ] Length: 2:15:30

Model Rail Radio #117: A Lent Locomotive [February 20, 2016]

Simon Hill talks castings and his future garden layout. Martin Coombs introduces his father's layout, his weathering techniques and a number of other interesting items. James Wright provides an outstanding review, talks about his YouTube channel and a train show he attended in Lincoln, Nebraska. David Rees calls in to chat with James and provide some updates with Blue Rail Trains. Henry Bagley-Gurtner provides a much needed update including 3d printing and test shelf layouts. Stephen Arnold has a new space for a layout. Ralph Watson provides an update on his modules being displayed with other folks and a lent locomotive that he may soon own. Michael Hauk has been adding decoders to engines and offers some points on the food and drinks analysis of operating sessions. David Karkoski has finished his modules and rediscovered his old model railroading area. Peter Stempel provides a much needed update on his new layout space and 3d printing.

   Simon Hill
   Martin Coombs
   James Wright
   David Rees
   Henry Bagley-Gurtner
   Stephen Arnold
   Ralph Watson
   Michael Hauk
   David Karkoski
   Peter Stempel
   Tom Barbalet

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   [ MP3 ] Length: 2:09:57

Model Rail Radio #116: Barbecued Beavers and Banjo Music [January 30, 2016]

Jim Gifford will be in the US in June. Ralph Renzetti talks about what is on his modeling table. Chris Smith introduces his N scale layout being set up for operations. Bruce Wilson has some minor updates apart from the sad news about his Chewie. Dave Falkenburg has come from an operating session at Silicon Valley Lines and a new Blue Rails purchase. Mike Deverell is all in favor of stronger beverages in operating sessions. Lionel Strang is at Springfield with his selfie stick. Lionel wants to stir things up with some assistance from Bruce Wilson, Jim Rindt and Ralph Renzetti. Seth Gartner has been doing a bit of traveling and seeing layouts Lionel appears to be banned from. Jim Rindt lives! Ron Klaiss provides a belated update. Toni Ryan has been working during the show. Ed McNamara has hit a brick wall of sorts but still converting locomotives. Dave Barraza has been playing that drinking game on location in Germany. Jim Lincoln has been to Springfield.

   Jim Gifford
   Ralph Renzetti
   Chris Smith
   Bruce Wilson
   Dave Falkenburg
   Mike Deverell
   Lionel Strang
   Jim Rindt
   Seth Gartner
   Ron Klaiss
   Toni Ryan
   Ed McNamara
   Dave Barraza
   Jim Lincoln
   Tom Barbalet

   Please do not deep link this audio - its location may change. Use this link.

   [ MP3 ] Length: 3:15:39