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Model Rail Radio consistently provides the best model railroading content. It is a show without advertisers or sponsors where the listeners create the content. It is an open format where anyone can participate. The big names in model railroading call in to talk to regular folks and people who are quickly emerging as new greats in the hobby.

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Model Rail Radio #109: the Tucker of Pigsville [July 18, 2015]

Dustin Fisher is moving forward with the 501(c)(3) paperwork for the Operation Christmas Train-Set Foundation. Jim Gifford gives a South Australian crew update. Dan Pickard has been doing a bit of Welsh modeling. Mike Slater provides a detailed update. Marty McGuirk has been dealing with too much detail disturbing his operating sessions. Joe D'Amato has a culinary insight into Portland and the Professor calls in to quiz Joe on a particular release. Dustin Fisher also has a question for Joe. Your humble host gives Joe an update. Ralph Renzetti has been doing some weathering. When Matt Goodman and Jim Gifford get together, bullet-proof DCC becomes very real.

   Dustin Fisher
   Jim Gifford
   Dan Pickard
   Mike Slater
   Marty McGuirk
   Joe D'Amato
   John 'Prof Klyzlr' Dimitrievich
   Ralph Renzetti
   Matt Goodman
   Tom Barbalet

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   [ MP3 ] Length: 2:53:33

Model Rail Radio #108: Warbird Bass and Spouse Excuses [June 27, 2015]

Tom kicks off the show with Toni Ryan talking about his 3d printer. Mike Deverell explains some of his experiments in lighting and his decision about the height of the layout. Tom chats with William Brillinger about his Canadian prototype layout and his business. Check out William's blog Dustin Fisher provides an Operation Christmas Train Set update and Clark Kooning is looking to get energy behind Operation Christmas Train Set. Tom asks about what it takes to run the national train show. Tom and Bob Richard catch up on some interesting basement liberating renovations (with a couple of cameos from Seamus Richard too). Malcolm Johnson is expanding his layout through the wall. Malcolm's blog is always amazing Jim Gore isn't crazy about 1990s dance music when he cuts paper and he is still learning from international paper and card-stock modelers. Massimo Piras provides the missing European flavor with an update on his Canadian layout. Stephen Vaughan has be hanging out with Mr. Barraza and Mr. Ramos. Tom and Terry Terrance catch up on N scale 3d, the loss of Weaver and Tom's new track and room modifications. Bruce Kelly gives his model railroading update.

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   Toni Ryan
   Mike Deverell
   William Brillinger
   Dustin Fisher
   Bob Richard
   Seamus Richard
   Malcolm Johnson
   Jim Gore
   Massimo Piras
   Terry Terrance
   Bruce Kelly
   Tom Barbalet

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   [ MP3 ] Length: 2:55:47

Model Rail Radio #107: Wild Donkey Hunt [May 30, 2015]

Ralph DeBlasi kicks off the show with a layout update and the background behind his layout. Tom welcomes on Dustin Fisher to talk about Operation Christmas Train Set. George Sinos has been doing some serious NTRAK module scenery. David Rees is going to Portland and he's been stuck in the matrix. Dave Barraza has been simulating his future layout. John Garaty sold Tom some two rail O scale track while in Australia. Clark Kooning and Jim Borcz have some touring layout feedback. Clark Kooning has found himself a house for his retirement. Jim Borcz has an interesting question that brings in David Rees, John Garaty, George Sinos and Dustin Fisher. Stuart Baker talks about manufacturers supporting OpenLCB/LCC. Ron Klaiss is a perfect example. Jim Lincoln provides some 3d printing updates. The Professor joins the show to talk about Australian rail magazines - there are plenty. Rumors that the Prof is leaving the hobby appear to be untrue. Tom quietens the Prof's need for a live on-location broadcast at Portland.

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   Ralph DeBlasi
   Dustin Fisher
   George Sinos
   David Rees
   Dave Barraza
   John Garaty
   Clark Kooning
   Jim Borcz
   Stuart Baker
   Ron Klaiss
   Jim Lincoln
   John 'Prof Klyzlr' Dimitrievich
   Tom Barbalet

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   [ MP3 ] Length: 3:17:57

Model Rail Radio #106: Short Show [May 2, 2015]

Tom chats with Simon Hill about his friendly local club that runs some serious locos. Tom welcomes back on Gregory C. Baker who talks about his freemo club. Barry Silverthorn has been building a layout of his own and provides some insights in filming an N scale layout. Terry Terrance and Tom extend Terry's critter challenge until July 1, 2015. They continue to explore 3d printing now Terry has the bits of a 3d printer. Dave Falkenburg provides some feedback from being a member of a local maker community. Jim Lincoln provides the interruptions. Terry's blog is worth looking up Tom brings together Peter Burr and Lee Dixon to talk about a particular theme. Jim Lincoln is an obscure Lionel gondola fan. Dave Falkenburg is having a party with some solvents and has been offending three-year-olds. David Karkoski is writing an article. Ralph Watson's club held a festival the weekend before with more than a thousand visitors. Ron Klaiss provides an update on his son Aidan's N-scale layout.

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   Simon Hill
   Gregory C. Baker
   Barry Silverthorn
   Terry Terrance
   Dave Falkenburg
   Jim Lincoln
   Peter Burr
   Lee Dixon
   David Karkoski
   Ralph Watson
   Ron Klaiss
   Tom Barbalet

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   [ MP3 ] Length: 1:59:49