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216, Noon to 2pm Pacific, Saturday November 26th, 2022

217, Noon to 2pm Pacific, Saturday December 10th, 2022

218, Noon to 2pm Pacific, Saturday January 7th, 2023

Model Rail Radio consistently provides the best model railroading content. It is a show without advertisers or sponsors where the listeners create the content. It is an open format where anyone can participate. The big names in model railroading call in to talk to regular folks and people who are quickly emerging as new greats in the hobby.

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Model Rail Radio #215: One for the Books [September 10, 2022]

This is the Craig Bisgeier Memorial Show. Tom decides to make this a regular MRR in the European friendly time. Tom starts the call with Giles Favell talking about some die cast cars from Terry Terrance's layout. Mike Slater calls in from a local show. Tim Harrison talks about doing the ModelRailCast Show with Craig Bisgeier. We have on one final special guest and Tim talks about Craig's impact on his life.

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   [ MP3 ] Length: 1:00:19

Model Rail Radio #213: Eco Coal and Vehicles That Move [July 9, 2022]

Jim Lincoln calls in and Tom asks how COVID has changed the model railroading hobby. Simon Hill provides updates on some of the locomotives he's been building and a guillotine building project for the heat. Martin Coombs has a few updates in the hobby and introduces his friend, Giles Favell. Giles makes radio controlled vehicles for model railroad layouts in his own particular way. Tom and Giles talk about that and some of the other aspects of small vehicles on layouts that have been discussed in prior shows. Jamie Fenton has a few updates including LCC signals a-how-to. Tom wants to know about the garden layout. Mike O'Dorney might be catching up with Tom in September. Mike has been experimenting with making modules with large curves. How can conventions be run with training people through the process? Tom concludes the podcast with some sad news and special memorial show coming up.

   Jim Lincoln
   Simon Hill
   Martin Coombs
   Giles Favell
   Jamie Fenton
   Mike O'Dorney
   Tom Barbalet

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   [ MP3 ] Length: 1:46:55

Model Rail Radio #212: Tight Three and Half [June 25, 2022]

Nigel Gartshore calls in and has a few updates about his space and what he plans to run in the area. No-lix is the central theme. Ron Klaiss discusses his latest kit and what happens after COVID. Clark Kooning is going to be a snow goose. Clark wants to talk about local politics. Dave Falkenburg calls in and gives a Silicon Valley Lines update after some time away from the club. Martin Jenkins has a quick chance to talk about automated cars, both end sounds and how his work has taken over his hobby time.

   Nigel Gartshore
   Ron Klaiss
   Clark Kooning
   Dave Falkenburg
   Martin Jenkins
   Tom Barbalet

   Please do not deep link this audio - its location may change. Use this link.

   [ MP3 ] Length: 1:13:07

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