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Model Rail Video #1, 4-6pm Pacific, Saturday July 27, 2024, Link

Model Rail Video #2, 7-9am Pacific, Saturday August 3, 2024, Link

Model Rail Video #3, 4-6pm Pacific, Saturday August 17, 2024, Link

Model Rail Radio consistently provides the best model railroading content. It is a show without advertisers or sponsors where the listeners create the content. It is an open format where anyone can participate. The big names in model railroading call in to talk to regular folks and people who are quickly emerging as new greats in the hobby.

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Model Rail Radio #225: Proto Throttle and Podcaster [February 3, 2024]

John Syzemanski is now retired and reports on tasks for his own projects, participating in ops sessions, and visiting a few layouts in the area. Tom and John discuss the steam proto-throttle development. Martin Coombs has several updates from a game-changing laser cutter upgrade, to new fox-proof ballasting techniques, to the latest on upcoming layout exhibits. Martin describes a successful Christmas season at Bredgar. Tom asks about 16mm modeling, when Martin describes a smoke generator technique with "ultrasonic chuff generation". Martin is happy to be back on a role with several projects and colleagues in the hobby. Martin goes on to describe Light Burn software and use with Illustrator files. Dave Barraza is building a staging yard where no one should build a staging yard. He continues to challenge operators, and signal installation looks a bit too much like his day job. John Gardiner IV is back from the Springfield show and is feeling like a real podcaster. John is working on a layout set in the 2040s with a fine back story. Tom hopes to record more frequently. Thanks to Robert J. Thomas for editing the recording and providing the show notes.

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   [ MP3 ] Length: 1:14:26

Model Rail Radio #224: Broom Handles [August 12, 2023]

Gordy Robinson has a number of updates including his plans for the Nationals. Jeff Shockley gives an update on the DelMarVa club and an upcoming open house. Tom and Ralph Renzetti discuss Tamiya paint, mixing colors and application including weathering with an airbrush. Tom discusses the Mine Mount Models Layout Design contest. The constraints for the contest are a 10-ft X 12-ft room. Entries can be HO, S, or O scale -- the current scales offered by Mine Mount Models. Two $50 gift certificates will be awarded as prizes. The room should include a door but is otherwise unrestricted in configuration (around the room, central island, etc. Plans should include Mine Mount Models structures, and you can scale up any kit to S or O where not yet offered. Entries should include the track plan and a narrative describing the plan (history, design, operation, etc). Submissions go to Tom's last name and should be submitted by October 31st. Enter multiple times if you like. Tom mentions that he is in the market for a new layout and is in correspondence regarding a candidate. Thanks to Robert Thomas for doing this show edit.

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   [ MP3 ] Length: 58:34

Model Rail Radio #223: Buying a Layout [July 15, 2023]

John Szymanski has been operating his layout having moved to smaller weekend op sessions. Mike Slater gives an update on the hottub layout. Neil Erickson talks about a layout that can fly. Ted Roy gives a layout update. Ron Klais and Christina Zambri call in to give an NMRA update and talk about the 2023 Layout Design Contest.

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   [ MP3 ] Length: 1:11:45

Model Rail Radio #222: Hot Afternoon [April 29, 2023]

Clark Kooning is returning to Canada and has plenty of plans when he gets back to the north. Ralph Renzetti has been on and recommends a new podcast. Peter Stempel might be moving and provides a brief garden update. Mike Slater has summertime plans.

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   [ MP3 ] Length: 49:16

Model Rail Radio #221: Gone Fishing [March 25, 2023]

John Szymanski discusses operating on Bob Hayden's layout and how having phones can reduce the noise level (or maybe not). John has a friend David on the call, and they discuss current (including Breaking Bad diorama) projects with Tom. They discuss operating on layouts in the area. John discusses simplifying aspects of his layout to make it user-friendly for operators. Linton Towell calls in while fishing in Australia. He has been working on a 7mm truck for the layout. He laments missing Tom when in Las Vegas. Dave Barazza describes the latest Bay Rails experience an operating on David Park's layout. Dave discusses "Signals and Ops is what's been happening," the current update on his own layout, now known as "The Simulator" by prototype operators. Martin Coombs discusses plug-in modules, 30 wagons to paint, an update on several garden layout projects, an update on Bredgar later, and seems a bit of an understatement. Martin laments downsizing 7mm collection. Tom and Martin discuss overseas travel with little ones. Malcolm Johnson has a home but alas, no model railroad. Malcolm discusses a potential move to modeling in On30, and the possibility of selling off the remnants of his old layout. Thanks to Robert J. Thomas for producing this recording.

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   [ MP3 ] Length: 1:01:17

Model Rail Radio #220: The Meat That Cooks Itself [February 4, 2023]

Tom starts the Lawerence Eggering memorial show with Massimo Piras who is interested in hearing from folks in his area. Toni Ryan has fond memories of Uncle Larry. Jim Gifford braces an early morning to talk about his memories of Larry. Tom Gassior talks about his podcast and Uncle Larry. Tim Harrison also has fond memories to share. Andy Zimmerman was with Lawrence at Springfield this year. A band of misfits round out the show with their Larry memories.

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   [ MP3 ] Length: 1:10:25

Model Rail Radio #219: Show Contention [January 21, 2023]

Clark Kooning is laying out a new empire. Thomas Brown has some catching up to do. Martin Coombs and the Professor provide interesting show discussion on come contentious issues with Giles Favell providing input. Ralph Renzetti has been helping Chris Adams with his locomotive weathering. John Szymanski rounds out the show. This show is dedicated to Lawrence Eggering - a generous gentleman in the hobby.

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   [ MP3 ] Length: 1:42:44

Model Rail Radio #218: Have Traction Will Travel [January 7, 2023]

Toni Ryan has been playing with some new tech. Mike Slater has been 3d printing in O-scale traction and has been to a magazine with his crew. John Szymanski has building oil pumps for visual interest. Nigel Gartshore has a quick update.

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   [ MP3 ] Length: 54:53

Model Rail Radio #217: Chickens [December 10, 2022]

John Szymanski has been operating and talks about his friendship with a famous star of the hobby. Mike Slater has been getting his model railroading mojo back and attended a show that he holds some history with. Neil Erickson hasn't called in for a while but has some updates. Nigel Gartshore has plans for a no-lix now his layout is no longer battling the elements.

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   [ MP3 ] Length: 59:03

Model Rail Radio #216: A Cattleyard of Foxes [November 26, 2022]

Martin Coombs is planning on making videos in the near future. They discuss many interesting aspects of railroading in Kent. Lawrence Eggering has been doing stuff with 3d printers and provides some interesting discussion associated with DCC and the NMRA. David Rees provides an update to his bluetooth developments including a very interesting product in a shade of blue.

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   [ MP3 ] Length: 1:37:53

Model Rail Radio #215: One for the Books [September 10, 2022]

This is the Craig Bisgeier Memorial Show. Tom decides to make this a regular MRR in the European friendly time. Tom starts the call with Giles Favell talking about some die cast cars from Terry Terrance's layout. Mike Slater calls in from a local show. Tim Harrison talks about doing the ModelRailCast Show with Craig Bisgeier. We have on one final special guest and Tim talks about Craig's impact on his life.

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   [ MP3 ] Length: 1:00:19

These missing shows will be edited and put online as time permits.